Visa® Balance Transfer

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We have a special deal for Scient Visa® Platinum Cardholders!

When you transfer balances from other credit cards to your Scient Visa® Platinum Credit Card, you’ll get 0% APR* for 12 months! There’s no need to balance more than one payment, just transfer and save!

This offer is valid for cards opened before June 1, 2017.

Transfer Now or call Consumer Lending at 860-441-0904 to get started.

Scient FCU Visa Platinum







*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Offer valid for Scient Visa® Platinum Rewards cards. Scient Visa® Platinum Rewards cards opened before March 30, 2014; Balance transfer fee is 3.00% or $50.00 whichever is less for the amount of each balance transfer. Scient Visa® Platinum Rewards cards opened after March 31, 2014; Balance transfer fee is minimum $10.00 or 3.00% whichever is greater (Maximum Fee of each balance transfer request is $150.00). The 0% APR promotional rate will apply on minimum balance transfers of $500, but no more than $5,000 for 12 months from the transfer date. After that period, your rate will increase to your current Visa® Platinum rate. Your rate is based on adding a margin to the Prime Rate. The Prime Rate used to determine your rate is published in the Wall Street Journal quarterly (February, May, August, and November) and changes are effective as of the first day of your next billing cycle. Current prime rate is 5.00% as of 6/13/18. Certain restrictions may apply. Refer to your card’s terms and conditions for additional information. Promotion is valid June 1 – August 31, 2018. Request for balance transfer must be received by SFCU no later than August 31, 2018 to qualify.