Loan & Mortgage Assistance

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise and have an impact on your finances. If you are experiencing unusual or severe financial hardship and are having difficulty making your monthly consumer loan or mortgage payment, we may be able to help.

Get started today

To get started, complete and submit the Mortgage Assistance Form for mortgage-related issues, or the Borrower Assistance Form for consumer loan-related issues. We will review to determine if you meet credit union program criteria and qualify for assistance.

As a Scient Federal Credit Union member, you are also eligible for free services from our partner, Greenpath Debt Solutions, including financial advice, debt counseling, debt management, credit report review, housing services, bankruptcy counseling and more. For more information on ways GreenPath can help you better manage your finances, call them at 1.877.337.3399 or visit their site.

We are committed to helping you find a resolution that fits your needs. For more information, contact us at 877.860.6928.