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Scient Federal Credit Union was started in 1968 by four Pfizer pharmaceutical scientists. These four people did not want to deal with banks any longer and realized that they could pool their resources to help each other and their colleagues. From this simple start over 50 years ago, Scient has grown to more than 21,000 members helping each other. The goal of this not-for-profit financial cooperative is to help improve the lives of each member-owner through creative solutions for every situation.


Each of us is different with a unique set of dreams, goals and factors affecting our life. What ties us together is our desire for financial freedom and willingness to take action. We have been fortunate enough in our growth to employ experts to run the cooperative and expand our membership offerings. Scient offers tailored financial solutions that provide opportunities to help all of us realize our dreams.

Why join Scient Federal Credit Union:

  • Our culture is grounded in integrity, trust and the desire to help others
  • Profits of the Credit Union are returned to you in the form of lower loan rates, higher deposit rates and lower cost services
  • By having an account at Scient FCU, you are a member-owner of the credit union


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