Account Alerts

Scient’s Account Alerts is a useful tool within online banking to help keep you on top of your finances. This feature allows you to receive alerts through email when certain things happen in your account, such as a cleared check or your balance falling below a set amount. Not only do these alerts help you manage your finances, but they can also help protect you against fraud.

Types of Account Alerts
  • Reminder Alerts:  Gives you the freedom to create a personalized alert to fit your needs. Example: “Transfer money to babysitter’s account today.”
  • Balance Alert: Choose to receive an alert when your balance drops below or exceeds a certain amount–great way to avoid overdrafts!
  • Check Cleared Alert: Have an alert sent to you whenever a check is cleared on your account.
  • Daily Balance Alert:  Receive a message displaying your daily balance at whatever time of day works best for you.
  • Loan Due Alert: Get an alert before your loan payment is due and/or when the loan payment is past due.
  • Transaction Alert: Choose to be alerted when certain, or all, transactions occur on your account.

Set up your alerts
To set up Account Alerts, sign into your online banking account and choose “Account Maintenance” in the top toolbar. In the second, light grey toolbar, choose “Manage Alerts” and follow the instructions.

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