Phone Banking

Manage your accounts 24/7 with ScientLine® – our toll-free automated telephone banking system.

Simply call 877.860.6928, option 1, and at your fingertips you can check account balances, make inquiries, transfer funds, make loan payments, and more.

How it works:

Call 877.860.6928, option 1, and enter your member number and secure telephone banking password. Then you can begin to manage your finances right from the palm of your hand!

Summary of options:

1. Account balances
2. Inquiries
3. Transfer funds
4. Transfer funds to a different Scient member
5. Estimate a loan payment
6. Other services (including change password, request a check, make a stop payment, report a lost card, and more)
7. Speak to a Scient Member Service Representative
8. Apply for a loan
9. End call

View complete instructions: Scient Phone Banking