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Groton Main Office & Headquarters

Groton Main Office & Headquarters
60 Colver Avenue
Groton, CT 06340
Phone: 860-445-1060 or 877-860-6928
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24/7 deposit-taking ATM onsite

Effective Monday, November 23, 2020
Colver Branch Lobby will be closed until further notice

Extended Drive Up Hours  
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Holiday schedule

Postal Branch Locations
New Haven, CT (at Post Office)
50 Brewery St.
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-624-7170
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ATM onsite

Lobby Hours - Effective April 20, 2020
Monday - Thursday  9:00am – 3:00pm
Friday  7:00am – 4:00pm


Groton Pfizer (restricted access)

Pfizer Groton (restricted access)
445 Eastern Point Road
Amenities Corridor, Building 220
Groton, CT 06340
Phone: 860-441-0943

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Effective October 19, 2020
Monday and Wednesday  9:00 am - 2:00 pm

ATM onsite
Appointments available. Contact us at 860-441-0943
Holiday schedule

Nationwide Branch Network

CO-OP Shared Branch

Scient is everywhere you need to be. The CO-OP Shared Branch and ATM network gives you more than 5,000 branches and 30,000 surcharge free ATMs in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and military bases around the globe. You are never far from your money when you need it. Convenience is key in your busy life and we’ve got you covered.

Whether face-to-face, over the phone, or self-service, the CO-OP Shared Branch network has you covered as an extension of Scient. Simply have your Scient account number and a government ID and you’ll have access to your accounts just as if you were at Scient.

Find a CO-OP Shared Branch:
ATM Locator

CO-OP_ATM 4cScient is everywhere you need to be. With nearly 30,000 CO-OP ATM network locations nationwide, 9,000+ which are deposit-taking, you are never far from your money when you need it. Convenience is key in your busy life and Scient has you covered.

By using one of the nearly 30,000 ATMs in the CO-OP ATM network, you can benefit from “surcharge-free” transactions. This means that even when you are not using a Scient ATM, you can still use a CO-OP network ATM and avoid the fees*. Simply put: Keep your cash in your pocket, where it counts.

Scient Federal Credit Union ATMs are located at:
Find a CO-OP Network ATM:
  • Find Now
  • Text a street address, zip code or "City State" to 692667 (my coop) to find the closest CO-OP ATM locations.
  • Call 888-SITE-CO-OP (748-3266) to find a location
  • Download the mobile app for iPhone
  • Download the mobile app for Android

* The first 5 non-Scient Federal Credit Union ATM transactions each month are free. Subsequent fees will apply.

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