Loan Payment Options

Scient Federal Credit Union offers a variety of convenient payment options to fit your lifestyle.

Online options

Scient Online Banking is a free and easy way to make your monthly loan payment. Once you enroll for free online banking, you can easily transfer funds from your Scient savings, checking, money market, or club account to your loan.  Or, if you want to make your loan payment with funds from another financial institution, you can add an external account and simply transfer funds from your other financial institution to your Scient loan.

Fast Pay is an option for members who want to make Scient loan payments online with funds from another institution’s checking account or a debit or credit card, but don’t want to enroll for Scient’s online banking. ACH payments are made free of charge.  A fee is assessed for payments made with a credit or debit card . Learn more about Fast Pay.

Automatic Payments take the worry out of paying your loan on time. Set up your loan payment to withdraw automatically from a Scient account or an account at another financial institution. You can set up an automatic payment through online banking, fill out an Internal Transfer Form if you’re transferring funds from a Scient account, or fill out an External Transfer Form if you’re transferring funds from another financial institution. Transfer forms can be found here.

In-person options

Service Centers- Visit a Scient service center and make a loan payment by transferring funds or paying with cash, check, or credit card.  

If you don’t live close to a Scient service center, you can make an in-person payment at over 5,000 affiliated credit unions through the Shared Branching network. Making a payment at an affiliated credit union is just like making a payment at a Scient service center -just bring in your payment, account number, and a photo ID and say you’d like to do a Shared Branching transaction for Scient. View a list of affiliated credit unions.

Mail-in options

Auto Loan Payment Slips– Soon after you complete your Scient auto loan, you will be mailed a year’s worth of loan payment slips in a Scient envelope with “IMPORTANT LOAN COUPONS INSIDE” printed on it. These slips will show how much you owe each month, your due date, and other important information regarding your loan. Tear off the slip for the month you’re paying, and send the slip and a check for your payment to Scient Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 499, Groton, CT 06340.

To pay other Scient loans, or to pay your loan without a loan payment slip, please mail your payment to the address above and include a note as to what loan to apply payment to.

Having payment challenges? We may be able to help. If you have any other questions on loan payments, contact us.